Saturday, October 02, 2010

8 New Broadway Shows Begin This Month - Which Do You Most Want To See?

8 New Broadway Shows Begin This Month - Which Do You Most Want To See?

Last month, Broadway's 2010-11 Theatrical Season began in earnest as seven new plays and musicals started previews. October, the ante is upped as eight more shows begin their first performances.

They include Driving Miss Daisy (October 7, previewed here), The Scottsboro Boys (October 7, tryout reviewed hereWomen On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown (October 8, previewed here), Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles (October 19, previewed here), The Merchant Of Venice (October 19, previewed here), A Free Man Of Color (October 21, previewed here), Long Story Short (October 22, previewed here) and The Pee-Wee Herman Show (October 26, previewed here).

With all of these new and revived plays and musicals, I invite you to respond to my latest SOB Poll below that asks, "Which of these productions do you most want to see?"

Please take a moment to vote in this poll, and feel free to provide your comments below as to why.

Thank you for participating!

For the complete list of Broadway shows confirmed for this season, please click here. For shows that have been announced, but not fully confirmed with venues and/or dates, click here.

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At 02 October, 2010, Blogger Esther said...

I voted for Women on the Verge because of the cast. I'm really looking forward to seeing Patti LuPone and Laura Benanti again.

But I want to put in a good word for A Free Man of Color, which I'm also very excited about seeing. It's got a 32-person cast, led by Jeffrey Wright; it's about a fascinating time period, New Orleans before the Louisiana Purchase; it's a new play by John Guare, and I've never seen his work on stage before. (Only the movie of Six Degrees of Separation.)

At 03 October, 2010, Anonymous said...

Absolutely The Pee Wee Herman Show - eagerly anticipated so much that I'm going on two nights. I'll see Merchant later this year, but dying to see PW!!!

At 05 October, 2010, Anonymous Timothy Childs said...

Esther - I too am eagerly anticipating WOMEN ON THE VERGE due to its fantastic cast. But how can you leave out one of the most exciting aspects of the upcoming A FREE MAN OF COLOR? The return of George C. Wolfe at the helm. It's sure to be an interesting production.

Steve - I'm surprised that PEE WEE is the overwhelming winner of your poll, but I must admit I'm more than intrigued enough to see it.

- Timothy Childs


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