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Beatles Tribute Prepares To Rain Down On Broadway

Beatles Tribute Prepares To Rain Down On Broadway

UPDATED: October 5, 2010

In arguably the most unusual fare being offered during Broadway's 2010-11 Theatrical Season, The Beatles tribute band Rain is hoping to reign supreme at Rialto's Neil Simon Theatre box office.

In Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles -- only the second Broadway show ever devoted to the four lads from Liverpool -- the production promises to recreate their every movement note for note through four American musicians: Steve Landes as John Lennon, Joey Curatolo as Paul McCartney, Joe Bithorn as George Harrison and Ralph Castelli as Ringo Starr.

Originally formed in the mid-70s by Mark Lewis as "Reign," this tribute band's members have now been together more than three times longer than the real deal. According to the show's Web site, all of them have performed in the touring production of that earlier Broadway show devoted to the Fab Four: Beatlemania.

The official site describes this concert show as follows:
Together longer than The Beatles themselves, Rain has mastered every song, gesture and nuance of the legendary group, delivering a totally live, note-for-note performance that’s as infectious as it is transporting. From the early hits to later classics that The Beatles never got the chance to play live – including the most complex and challenging songs—this adoring tribute will take you back to a time when all you needed was love, peace and a little help from your friends!

Personally, I'm old enough to vividly recall when The Beatles were still together, often performing on television's "Ed Sullivan Show." With a catalog of hit after noteworthy hit, they remain my all-time favorite rock group, so it's probably no wonder that I loved every moment of the officially sanctioned The Beatles Love in Las Vegas.

Will Rain precipitate good reviews while reining in the enthusiasm of The Beatles' steadfast fans? We'll find out later this month when the limited run begins previews on October 19 and opens October 26. The show is currently scheduled at the Neil Simon through January 2, 2011. Update: The show announced on October 5 that it would extend one week to January 9, 2011.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 05 October, 2010, Anonymous Timothy Childs said...

Continuing our conversation from movie-to-musicals adaptations (Flashdance, etc), where do shows like Rain, Million Dollar Quartet, Ring of Fire, etc factor in your cheesiness scale? I would certainly rather see Priscilla (but then again, I'm biased).

- Timothy Childs


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