Thursday, February 22, 2007

Producers Out, Young Frankenstein In

Producers Out, Young Frankenstein In

It's official. After months of sluggish ticket sales and stunt casting, the producers of The Producers are finally ready to show it the door without one final return from Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick. The last, 2052nd regular performance at the St. James Theatre of Tony's most celebrated show ever will take place on April 22 -- six years after opening.

But don't cry for Mel Brooks. His next Broadway musical to be culled from his hilarious movie catalogue is Young Frankenstein. No dates have yet been set.

The Producers, to be honest, was just never the same without Lane and Broderick. When I took in the production not long after the two had originally departed, I left wondering, "Is this really what I had thought was so funny?" When the two did an encore gig just a couple months later, I realized that they had created a unique magic, a chemistry of musical comedy that was simply impossible to replicate -- they were breathtaking as Bialystock and Bloom. And again, I laughed...hard...from the gut.

With the movie "Young Frankenstein" being my personal favorite from the Mel Brooks film archive, I was thrilled when I first learned of the casting choices for the stage, especially the thought that Cloris Leachman might actually recreate her role as Frau Blücher. Whether or not all of them will be part of the actual production remains to be seen, but I'm very hopeful. You can bet I'll be reporting on all of its details once they're announced.

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