Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Rick Duplantier Finally Responds Via BlackBerry

Rick Duplantier Finally Responds Via BlackBerry

As you may recall from my posting on Sunday, I was still awaiting word, any word, that my college friend Rick Duplantier was safe.

Little did I know that he would be weathering Hurricane Gustav from his home in New Orleans -- the same home that was severely damaged by the flooding from Hurricane Katrina. I guess if I had remembered he had posted the above sign on his property, I should have known where he'd be.

Rick texted me via his BlackBerry this morning:
Working with a blackberry battery that is going to run out. Yes, I stayed in my house and it was a very interesting event. We built this new house to make stand and we did.Plan to help with clean-up today so we are back to normal by Wednesday.

I am in the City of New Orleans. No real damage, and although there is wind and tree damage it appears minor. Our evacuation procedures and levees worked as planned. The only issue now is minor inconveniences of clearing debris and lack of power.

Our office should be up in New Orleans tomorrow, but all other offices fully operational. You can try and reach my via blackberry which seems to be working now but will be volunteering so may not have time to respond right away.

Go Saints!!
While I'm not sure I would or could have made the same decision to stay, I'm beyond relieved he is safe. And my hat is off to him for already plunging headlong into volunteer efforts. In case you haven't already figured this out, Rick is quite a guy.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 02 September, 2008, Anonymous BroadwayBaby said...

Glad to hear your friend is okay!


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