Thursday, January 24, 2008

Saving Green On The Color Purple

Saving Green On The Color Purple

You read about its closing notice here first. Now score two-for-one seats on The Color Purple before it vacates the Broadway Theatre on February 24.

Oprah's apparently going all out to sell the musical's remaining seats in advance. According to an offer I just received, if you buy one ticket, you'll get another one free.

To take advantage of the offer, click here or visit and enter code CPEURWB (you may also call 212.947.8844 and use the same code). This offer is valid through the remaining lifetime of the show, except for Saturday matinees and evening performances, as well as those scheduled February 15-17.

Each order requires a minimum purchase of two tickets and is limited to four tickets (although the confusing disclaimer also says later "limit 8 tickets per order"). When I tried my hand at getting the best seats for the "random" date of February 24, I was able to secure four at a time -- Right Orchestra Row H, Seats 11-17 -- for a total price tag of $236.00 or $59 per ticket. With the added $26.00 in "service charges" and $2.50 "handling fee" for the entire order, the total came to $264.50.

So how does that compare to normal ticketing? Actually, I was able to find what I consider to be better seats for the same performance using the special offer, surprisingly enough. Using a regular search, I found four tickets in Center Orchestra Row R, Seats 102-105 for $466 -- almost twice the price, although with fees added in, the grand total came to $494.50.


This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

Click here for tickets.
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