Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is It Just Me, Or... (Part III)

Is It Just Me, Or... (Part III)

...Wouldn't it have been more appropriate for Matthew Warchus' upcoming Broadway transfer of the British sex farce Boeing-Boeing to be staged at the American Airlines Theatre over the Longacre? After all, the airline was the sponsor of the recently departed West End revival. I'm psyched that Christine Baranski will be joining Mark Rylance, and the possibility that Sarah Jessica Parker may be added the cast has me salivating.

...What happened to all those people barely one year ago who were sounding the deathknell for the play? With seven new plays currently kicking around the Broadway stage, coupled with a dearth of new musicals, the 2007-08 Theatrical Season must be the year that the straight play made its official comeback. As I said a year ago: "Personally, I believe everything is rather cyclical. And working in plays' favor is the simple cost factor, along with the wellspring of excellent playwrights out there today, as well as so many thriving, vital theatre companies where plays rule the roost. I’m confident they'll always have a place, even on Broadway."

...When all is said and done, haven't critics been a little over the top in their criticism for Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein? I mean, I totally understand the venom directed toward Brooks' rather unorthodox practices, but when all is said and done, the show itself is actually better than OK, even if we don't have a clue what its weekly grosses are. But here's a news flash -- remember those $450 seats? I played around on Ticketmaster and found that I could get a second row center orchestra mid-week seat for just $130.

...Was there really any doubt that both Deanna Dunagan and Amy Morton would each be eligible for the Best Actress in a Play Tony for their breathtaking work in August: Osage County? I know some folks I respect had expressed doubt that the lesser known Dunagan could be nominated in the category, but the Tony Committee has ruled that they both are. Now the question will be, "Which one will actually win the prize?"

...Don't London's theatre offerings sound tantalizing this year? Despite what the West End Whingers might think, there's plenty to have those of us on this side of the pond wistfully looking at their offerings. Just ask Rocco at What's Good/What Blows. I'm pondering an April visit myself.

...Do you wonder when stage musical adaptations of films will ever end now that Shrek The Musical is a go for later this year?

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 22 January, 2008, Blogger Esther said...

I'm kind of disappointed that Deanna Dunagan and Amy Morton will be competing against each other. I hope they don't cancel each other out in the Tony vote.

And I'd love to see Sarah Jessica Parker on stage! (You're right, it should be at the American Airlines!)

Shrek, on the other hand, I'm not so excited about. Still, I think it's great that there'll be another family oriented show on Broadway.

I think it's great that there's such an incredible diversity of fare in plays and musicals right now.

At 22 January, 2008, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Esther, The funny thing about Shrek is that I'm probably the only person in America who has never seen the animated feature, let alone any of its sequels. Obviously, this is not one that makes me very excited.

At 22 January, 2008, Blogger Vance said...

Yeah, that only bad news about Deanna Dunagan and Amy Morton both considered leads is that they both can't win now. I didn't love the play as much as you did (I really enjoyed it and liked it a LOT but didn't LOVE it) but the performances were SPECTACULAR.

They really need to have a best cast award or something. If only for this cast.

I'm kinda horrified by the idea of Shrek but the people behind it (and Seiber) being involved makes me curious.

At 23 January, 2008, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Vance, I agree with you and Esther that having these two incredible actresses in the same category could ultimately split votes, but I don't think that there's any denying that they both should be eligible in the top category.

As much as I love Amy Morton (and I think you've seen how much I do), I would have to give my vote to Deanna Dunagan.

At 23 January, 2008, Blogger Mondschein said...

Stage adaptations of film will not end until there are no more films. Don't forget that this phenomenon started during the prime of the Hollywood musical ("Gigi" springs to mind, from book to play to the Lerner and Loewe classic film, back to stage), if not even before then.

At 23 January, 2008, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Mondschein, Thanks. My tongue was firmly planted in cheek when I made that comment. I believe adapting one performance art into another is the second oldest profession in the world.


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