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Remember how just last week, I described how enigmatically Elling seemed to be marketing itself? Well, the puzzle pieces are falling into place and not a moment too soon. After all, the play begins Broadway previews this evening.

Not only has Elling wisely begun engaging audiences via its website, Facebook and Twitter, but you may now add to those its presence on YouTube. There, you'll not only find the first real preview discussion of what Elling is about (see above video), but also two television commercials for the comedy (see below).

To be honest, the commercials don't do it for me, but I found myself intrigued by the video preview.

So what do you think? Does a cross between "Of Mice And Men (with a happy ending)" and "The Land Of Misfit Toys" appeal to you?

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminate against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I have received nothing of value in exchange for this post.

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At 03 November, 2010, Blogger Matt Wilstein said...

Here's another good Elling video that got posted today, this one a little more NSFW:


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