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Broadway Box Office Tweets - Week Ending October 31, 2010

Broadway Box Office Tweets - Week Ending October 31, 2010

If you follow me on
Twitter, you'll know that each Monday, I offer my quick analysis of each preceding week's box office on Broadway.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my tweets in chronological order for the
week ending October 31, 2010:

4:01 pm November 1 - 
Broadway grosses dip $1.75 million (8.9%) to $19,695,426 last week.

4:01 pm November 1 - Broadway capacity drops 8.16% to 70.57% last week or 244,093 out of 342,624 seats sold.

4:02 pm November 1 - roadway's average ticket price was $76.43 last week, down from $78.19 week earlier

4:04 pm November 1 - Lucky 7 sold-out WICKED not only had week's highest capacity but also top gross at $1,541,013. Avg ticket price:$106.48

4:05 pm November 1 - WICKED, THE LION KING, THE MERCHANT OF VENICE & JERSEY BOYS only shows to gross $1 million+ last week on Broadway

4:07 pm November 1 - WICKED only show on Broadway to sell every seat last week

4:08 pm November 1 - MERCHANT OF VENICE top grossing play last week at $1071949 (99.2% capacity) Avg tix priced $133.94 is Broadway's highest

4:10 pm November 1 - Broadway shows over 90% capacity: WICKED, MERCHANT, JERSEY BOYS, DRIVING MISS DAISY, BILLY ELLIOT, WOMEN ON VERGE

4:12 pm November 1 - Broadway avg ticket prices over $100: MERCHANT, JERSEY BOYS, LION KING, WICKED, DRIVING MISS DAISY, PEE-WEE HERMAN

4:13 pm November 1 - COLIN QUINN LONG STORY SHORT had week's lowest gross & capacity: $81,219 on 28.5% capacity. Avg. ticket price: $60.61

4:15 pm November 1 - THE SCOTTSBORO BOYS had week's lowest avg. ticket price of $37.86. Grosses $220,818 on 81% capacity

4:16 pm November 1 - Broadway shows grossing under $250,000: LONG STORY SHORT,NEXT TO NORMAL,LIFE IN THEATRE,PITMEN,SCOTTSBORO,MRS. WARREN

4:18 pm November 1 - Broadway shows under 50% capacity: LONG STORY SHORT, A LIFE IN THE THEATRE and AMERICAN IDIOT

4:19 pm November 1 - Falling 7.2% in capacity to just 39.3%, A LIFE IN THE THEATRE grosses only $218,150. Avg. ticket price: $64.73

4:20 pm November 1 - Falling 11.3% capacity to just 42%, AMERICAN IDIOT grosses $383,025. Avg. ticket price: $65.08. Not a good sign.

4:21 pm November 1 - Week's largest capacity drop last week was for COLIN QUINN LONG STORY SHORT. Falls 39.6% to just 28.5%.

4:23 pm November 1 -In overall down week for Broadway SCOTTSBORO BOYS had week's highest (& among only) increase in capacity up 8.7% to 81% 

Are you surprised by any of these results? Feel free to comment on the trending taking place with any of these box office scores.

This is
Steve On Broadway (SOB).

In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminate against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I have received nothing of value in exchange for this post.

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