Friday, October 15, 2010

Live! From New York! It's Broadway Babys!

Live! From New York! It's Broadway Babys!

Were you in last evening's television audience for the live edition of "30 Rock"? If so, you saw one of two very different intros. Each one featured a prominent Broadway Baby.

Those of us watching the East Coast version were treated to this opening from Jane Krakowski:

Those on the West Coast saw this rendition from Cheyenne Jackson:

So, dear readers, which one do you prefer? Please tell me by voting in this poll:

If you saw last night's episode, you'll also have heard reference to Irene Ryan "dying" on stage in Pippin. For the record, the late actress most of us know as Granny from "The Beverly Hillbillies" suffered a stroke during a 1972 performance on Pippin, and she died weeks later.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminate against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I have received nothing of value in exchange for this post.

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At 15 October, 2010, Blogger Kevin Daly said...

I wish there were more live scripted TV shows on the air. The TGS material was worlds funnier than anything I've seen on SNL in a while.

I'm glad you point out the Irene Ryan reference - it's become an urban legend that she died onstage! Ryan actually suffered the stroke six weeks before her death. Under doctor's orders she had flown to LA for care and as it turns out, she had an inoperable brain tumor.


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