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SOB's Favorite Shows Of The Noughties: #21 - My Fair Lady

SOB's Favorite Shows Of The Noughties: #21 - My Fair Lady (2001, Drury Lane Theatre Royal, London, UK)

Introduction: Hard as it is to comprehend that we're already 119 months into this "new" millennium, we are fast approaching the end of its first decade. While we have yet to agree on what exactly we should call the '00s, I'll take a cue from the fine folks at The Times of London and the BBC and henceforth refer to them at the Noughties.

With that small introduction, I'm pleased to present my list of plays and musicals that wowed me the most during that time. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of shows I've seen over the last ten years, I give you my countdown of my 25 personal favorite shows of the Noughties.

When director Trevor Nunn teamed up with producer Cameron Mackintosh for a 2001 revival of Alan J. Lerner and Frederick Loewe's masterpiece My Fair Lady in London, right around the corner from the musical's opening scene at Covent Garden, who would have predicted it would be so exhilarating and sublime? Not only did they make beautiful music together, but with Matthew Bourne's innovative choreography that could have danced all night, their incarnation soared.

This revival also marked my first-ever opportunity to see the magnificent Jonathan Pryce on stage. Watching him as Henry Higgins was truly a master class in acting. Teamed with a thoroughly excellent cast, it hardly mattered that understudy Alexandra Jay was performing -- exceptionally, I might add -- in the role of Eliza Doolittle.

While a touring company brought Nunn's My Fair Lady to North American audiences, it failed to materialize as it should have on Broadway. Thankfully, with a little bit of luck, my memories of that London mounting will remain fresh as a flower for years to come.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminate against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I have received nothing of value in exchange for this post. I paid my own way for this performance.

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At 07 December, 2009, Blogger Kevin Daly said...

With "My Fair Lady" and "Oliver!" it appears that Cameron Mackintosh's big productions of American musicals never come to Broadway, only to tour.

That said, "My Fair Lady" is one of my all time favorite musicals - both as an audience & cast member. Would love to see it revived on Broadway (w. Kelli O'Hara!)

At 07 December, 2009, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Interesting that you mentioned Oliver! - I had the opportunity to see that in London as well and quite enjoyed it at the Palladium.

At 07 December, 2009, Blogger Joseph Gomez said...

My Fair Lady is an absolute gem. I saw the us touring production a while back and loved it. There does need to be a Broadway revival (sooner than later). But no matter how glorious Kelli O'Hara is, I have to accept that she is too old now (ideally) for the part. She was magnificent though in concert.

At 08 December, 2009, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

I agree with you Joseph. It is also way overdo for a proper Broadway revival. Too bad this won't be the one to do it.


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