Friday, July 25, 2008

Feeling A Little Wicked: On The Edge Of Oz

Feeling A Little Wicked: On The Edge Of Oz

As regular readers will recall, the love of my life and I have more than just "our song." We have our musical. And our love affair with it began just months into our relationship -- now five years strong.

That show is Wicked, which we've now seen at least fifteen times ... not only on Broadway or in its sitdown production in Chicago, or on its North American tour, but also in such far-flung places as London, Stuttgart (Germany) and Tokyo. We realize how extremely fortunate we've been to take in this production all over the world.

Now, the two of us find ourselves a bit like Dorothy in "The Wizard Of Oz" en route along our very own yellow brick road known as A1 or the Princes Highway. After a long and winding journey of over 950 kilometres from Sydney to Traralgon, we're finally on the cusp of our own Emerald City, anxiously looking forward to celebrating more than one fine day in it.

Our destination is the bright and glittery Melbourne, where the eighth incarnation of the 21st Century's most popular new stage musical has recently opened. We're currently just 100 miles or so from Melbourne, and this Sunday, we'll be seated in this most Oz-some audience for Wicked.

Making the trip even more exciting is that we'll be visiting our favourite Aussie friends, who have become family. And better yet, we'll all be in the audience for Wicked together. It doesn't take a wizard to tell you that having friends like these make it easy to use our brains to recognize our hearts have the courage of their convictions.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

Click here for Wicked (Melbourne) tickets.
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At 25 July, 2008, Blogger Esther said...

This is so exciting!!! You and your love are almost there!!! And I'm so happy you'll be taking in "Wicked" with your friends. It's so fitting because one of the strongest themes in "Wicked" is the enduring nature of friendship. Oz-some indeed! :-)

At 25 July, 2008, Blogger the artist formerly known as jess. said...

You and your wife have a musical. THAT. IS. SO CUTE.

Interestingly enough, my best friend and her now ed-boyfriend's first date was Wicked, as well. What that had to do with anything I don't know. Oh wait -- I think that was Avenue Q, now that I think about it. Nevermind, then.

ANYWAY. Love the little thing at the end, too. A little corny, but, no harm in that, eh?

also: my word verification code is "zhmychap." I found that interesting, I dunno. Okay, I'm rambling now...


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