Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fishburne Marshalls In Broadway Opening Night For Thurgood

Fishburne Marshalls In Broadway Opening Night For Thurgood

Nearly 100 years after the July 2, 1908 birth of America's first African-American Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, celebrated actor Laurence Fishburne brings his fresh interpretation of this great attorney-cum-jurist to life on Broadway.

Under the direction of Leonard Foglia, Thurgood is a one-man show written by George Stevens, Jr. The play opens at Rialto's Booth Theatre for a limited engagement running through July 20.

Thurgood is described as:
...the remarkable and triumphant story of Thurgood Marshall, who rose from a childhood in the back-street of Baltimore to the Supreme Court of the United States. Along the way, Mr. Marshall overcame many adversities but through them all, remained focused and positive to maintain the great country he wanted to serve. And did. Thurgood brings to the stage the words, the wit, the tenacity and the wisdom of one of America's greatest Heroes.
Given the dramatic impact that Marshall had on 20th Century America, whether it was in successfully arguing the landmark Brown v. Board of Education before the Supreme Court in 1954 or being appointed by President Lyndon Johnson to the nation's highest court on June 13, 1967 where he served until his death in 1993, will a one-man show adequately portray this American giant in a compelling case?

Stay tuned tomorrow as I provide my critics' capsule.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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