Friday, December 28, 2007

SOB's 7 Singular Sensations Of '07 - #4: Elena Roger

SOB's 7 Singular Sensations Of '07 - #4: Elena Roger

Introduction: While others use the end of the year to provide their lists of the top shows of the past year, here at Steve On Broadway (SOB), I wait until the conclusion of the entire Theatrical Season to provide my official tally.

Instead, I'm once again devoting the waning days of the calendar year to celebrate SOB's Singular Sensations -- those magical live performances that have stayed with me throughout the year. During 2007, I have enjoyed, been wowed and ultimately inspired by a dazzling display of excellent performances from some of the theatre world's best actors, singers and dancers of our time.

Talk about more than just a little touch of star quality.

After appearing in countless Argentinean musical productions, including a variety of Spanish-language versions of Broadway and West End hits like Nine, Beauty And The Beast and Les Misérables, the diminutive spitfire known as Elena Roger took London by storm in her glorious portrayal of Evita.

To put it simply, I adored Roger's high-flying performance. In my SOB Review from April, I had nothing but praise:
Making her spectacular West End debut is an astonishing Argentine talent, Elena Roger, who offers an exceptionally nuanced performance as Eva Peron. The compact Roger evolves right before your eyes from the flirtatious young girl seeking her ticket to Buenos Aires stardom to her role alongside Juan Peron to a physically and emotionally impaired invalid. And what a powerful, beautiful voice!
I've seen memorable performances of Evita before (witness my history with SOB's Singular Sensation #5), but Elena Roger made her Eva Peron so intoxicating that it's easy to understand why her fellow countrymen fell under her spell. While Evita closed shortly after I caught it, London audiences have until January 5 to see Roger in the acclaimed revival of Boeing-Boeing.

Here's toasting the South American singular sensation, Elena Roger!

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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