Friday, December 28, 2007

SOB's 7 Singular Sensations Of '07 - #6: John Gallagher, Jr.

SOB's 7 Singular Sensations Of '07 - #6: John Gallagher, Jr.

Introduction: While others use the end of the year to provide their lists of the top shows of the past year, here at Steve On Broadway (SOB), I wait until the conclusion of the entire Theatrical Season to provide my official tally.

Instead, I'm once again devoting the waning days of the calendar year to celebrate SOB's Singular Sensations -- those magical live performances that have stayed with me throughout the year. During 2007, I have enjoyed, been wowed and ultimately inspired by a dazzling display of excellent performances from some of the theatre world's best actors, singers and dancers of our time.

One of the single most electrifying theatrical moments of the past year was spent in the company of the cast of Spring Awakening. While it actually opened last year Off-Broadway before transferring to the Great White Way, it wasn't until this past February when I finally had the opportunity to see the year's Tony Award-winning Best Musical.

Of all the performances from that show, none has taken hold of me quite like the portrayal of the troubled young Moritz by John Gallagher, Jr. Upon each additional -- and fairly frequent -- listening of the original cast album, it's always Gallagher's dark tracks that strike a chord within me, and I'm sure they resonate with any youth who has ever felt dissaffected or dismissed.

In my SOB Review last March, I may have given simple notice of:
...a breathtaking John Gallagher, Jr. in a sharp, stunning departure from his role in last year’s Rabbit Hole.
But there was nothing simple about Gallagher's brilliant and haunting performance, which was recognized with a well-earned Tony Award. Fortunately for Gallagher, his future is infinitely brighter than that of his character's, and I'll be looking forward to more great things from this gifted actor.

He may no longer be with the show (Blake Bashoff replaced him on December 18), but the lingering memories he's created makes him a singular sensation to be reckoned with. Here's toasting John Gallagher, Jr.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 28 December, 2007, Blogger Esther said...

All right! Thank-you for putting John Gallagher Jr.'s memorable performance on your list! I wanted to include him on mine, but I loved all of "Spring Awakening" so much, I just couldn't single out one moment from this electrifying (to use your word) show. I really loved it. And like I've said, this is how people must have felt when they first saw "Hair." Such incredible energy! Although meeting JGalls at the stage door and getting my picture taken with him was pretty awesome!

At 28 December, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Esther, How could I not?! His performance still haunts me - the mark of excellence if you ask me!


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