Saturday, June 23, 2007

Tarzan Won't Be Hanging Around Broadway Much Longer

Tarzan Won't Be Hanging Around Broadway Much Longer

It's a jungle out there!

Despite hanging on longer than just about anyone predicted, Disney's Tarzan stage musical will close on July 8.

After taking a critical drubbing last year and earning exactly one Tony nomination (for lighting), most prognosticators would have thought the Bob Crowley-helmed Phil Collins tuner would have swung out of the Richard Rodgers Theatre much sooner. But credit the well-oiled Disney publicity and marketing machine for enabling the show to stay in place for a total of 486 regular performances it will have played when it finally shutters. To date, the musical has earned over $41 million at the box office -- not bad for a show that was nearly universally panned.

But fear not, Tarzan fans. You can still see the Dutch version of the show, which opened April 13; apparently it's wildly successful. In the meantime, once its Beauty And The Beast closes shortly, Disney will have to settle for having a mere two shows on the Great White Way until its The Little Mermaid opens late in the year.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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