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It's Official: Mullally Cast In Young Frankenstein

It's Official: Mullally Cast In Young Frankenstein

I love it when a good rumor is revealed to be for real. As noted here early last week, Megan Mullally was rumored to be in the running for the part of Elizabeth in the upcoming stage musical adaptation of Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein.

According to New York Post's Michael Riedel today, it's apparently official:

Brooks and his director, Susan Stroman, have lined up Megan Mullally, who's stepped in for (Kristin) Chenoweth; Sutton Foster, who'll be playing Inga; and Shuler Hensley, who'll be the monster. Eric McCormack (Mullally's "Will & Grace" co-star) is in the running for the role of young Dr. Frankenstein.

I had been told earlier this week that Mullally signed for the show. I've also heard that the producers have decided against casting the venerable Cloris Leachman, who created the Frau Blücher role on the silver screen. The rumblings I've heard not only deem her too old (Leachman is, in my opinion, a remarkably young 80), but also indicate that Young Frankenstein can really only begin anew if it's completely recast. Somehow, those neighing horses will never be the same.

Having said that, another of my fave actresses, the redoubtable Andrea Martin, has supposedly been in the running to assume the role of Frau Blücher. But like Chenoweth, she's reportedly mulling over her own potential television deal. Same goes for Roger Bart, who played Igor in the much-ballyhooed reading of Young Frankenstein last October.

One thing that does seem certain is that the out of town tryout will be in Seattle this summer. Personally, I'm already planning a trek to America's Emerald City to see whether this Broadway bound tuner measures up, regardless of who's cast (although it sure would be nice to finally see Sutton Foster...).

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At 09 March, 2007, Blogger E said...

I saw Ms. Foster in "Drowsy." She is not a human being. I sincerely believe that she is an android or cyborg or something.

At 10 March, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea that the cast of Will & Grace was so multitalented! First, I didn't realize that Megan Mullally was a singer. And now, I find out that Eric McCormack's a musical theater veteran, too! I'm not sure how he'd be in this role. He just doesn't seem quite right, like he wouldn't have the proper comedic sensibility. It's just so hard to compare him with Gene Wilder. But what about Sean Hayes as Igor!

At 12 March, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

E, You're lucky you've been able to see Ms. Foster. But she must be human - why else would I have so much trouble seeing her for myself???

At 12 March, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Esther, I can't think of a proper place for Debra Messing...


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