Thursday, December 07, 2006

You've Got To Have The Utmost Faith: High Fidelity Opens Tonight

You've Got To Have The Utmost Faith: High Fidelity Opens Tonight

This evening marks one of the theatrical season's least anticipated openings as High Fidelity debuts at Broadway's Imperial Theatre.

If there's one musical that has suffered from a serious lack of positive buzz, it's this tuner. After suffering poor reviews during its Boston tryout, this latest musical based on a movie (based on Nick Hornby's popular bovel) has also been the subject of many negative stories, including those surrounding its less than stellar advance box office.

Is it possible that Walter Bobbie who helms this musical -- with book by David Lindsay-Abaire and original score by Tom Kitt and Amanda Green -- will have the last laugh? Find out tomorrow as I share the verdict of the critics.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 07 December, 2006, Blogger StephenMosher said...

I have not seen HIGH FIDELITY. I will see it, if the chance comes up, because I like Will Chase's work. I will say this, though I will preface it by saying I don't listen to other people's opinions, prefering to make my own.

I was told a story about a famous Broadway actor who told a friend they had seen HIGH FIDELITY. How was it, the friend asked..

"It makes THE WEDDING SINGER look like FOLLIES."

At 07 December, 2006, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Thanks for the comments Ste.

Like you, I never put all my faith in the critics -- I've liked many shows that they did not and vice versa. But I'll still be presented a cross-section of the critical opinion tomorrow.

Enquiring minds want to know who the actor was...


At 07 December, 2006, Blogger BroadwayBaby said...

Believe it or not, AP has already posted their review and it's quite favorable...

If Isherwood reviews it for the Times, it may get a good review. If Brantley reviews it, it has a bat's chance in hell of getting a good review.

At 07 December, 2006, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Michael Kuchwara (Associated Press) did a nice job in defending the show, but the other reviews are starting to come in and so far, they're not very good, including Ben Brantley's that states High Fidelity is on his top five list of all-time forgettable musicals.

I'll be providing a more expansive recap a little later.


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