Monday, July 26, 2010

Broadway Box Office Tweets - Week Ending July 25, 2010

Broadway Box Office Tweets - Week Ending July 25, 2010

If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that each Monday, I offer my quick analysis of each preceding week's box office on Broadway.

For your viewing pleasure, here are my tweets in chronological order for the week ending July 25, 2010:

3:45 pm July 26 - Big week on Broadway last week as total grosses at $20,704,716. Up over $600,000 from week before

3:46 pm July 26 - Broadway capacity last week up nearly 1% to 84.02%. 227,360 tickets out of 267,232 possible sold.

3:47 pm July 26 - Average ticket price on Broadway last week: $87.85

3:48 pm July 26 - Nine Broadway shows grossed over $1 million each last week. Two more just below $1 million (MAMMA MIA! & MEMPHIS)


3:50 pm July 26 - Sold-out WICKED was Broadway's top grossing show last week with $1,707,154 Average ticket price: $117.96

3:51 pm July 26 - HARRY CONNICK JR. drew last week's highest capacity: 101.1% + week's highest av tix price: $131.39. Grosses $1,139,695

3:52 pm July 26 - RACE has bottom 3 again: Lowest gross $239,745 Lowest av ticket price $63.31 Lowest capacity 44.7%

3:53 pm July 26 - WEST SIDE STORY scores top weekly capacity gain of 81.% to 79.1%. Grosses $761,221. Av tix priced $70.93

3:54 pm July 26 - LA CAGE has week's biggest capacity decline of 13% to 74.9% with Kelsey Grammer on vacation. Grosses $586,590

3:55 pm July 26 - Broadway's lowest grossing shows last week from bottom: RACE, NEXT TO NORMAL, LEND ME A TENOR, MILLION $ QUARTET

3:56 pm July 26 - Broadway's lowest capacity shows last week: RACE, COME FLY AWAY, MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET, LEND ME A TENOR - All under 70%

3:58 pm July 26 - This year's Tony-winning Best Musical MEMPHIS stealthily builds audience. Grosses $960,594 on 95.2% capacity

Feel free to comment and let me know if you're surprised by any of these results.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

In keeping with the new Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations that unfairly discriminate against bloggers, who are now required by law to disclose when they have received anything of value they might write about, please note that I have received nothing of value in exchange for this post.

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At 27 July, 2010, Blogger Esther said...

I'm not surprised about La Cage aux Folles. The two women next to me got up and left shortly before the show began and there was some grumbling about Kelsey Grammer's absence. I think it's a wonderful musical that doesn't need a "star" and the understudy was terrific. I wish they'd stayed. But clearly some people were there to see the "Frasier" star. Anyway, at least I got to spread out a little more!

Regarding The Addams Family, I used Ticketmaster's new function where you can pick your seat. I took the last available seat in my row and the row in front of me was completely sold out, too.

But at the performance, the seats next to me and in front of me were empty. So did those people not come? Did Ticketmaster simply not put them up for sale? Did a ticket reseller buy them and get left holding the bag? I don't know.


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