Monday, March 19, 2007

Wicked World

Wicked World

Almost a month ago -- just prior to the ecstatic accolades garnered by the opening of Los Angeles' sit-down production of Wicked -- I predicted an announcement would be made before the end of the year that the mega-hit stage musical would expand further internationally.

While I had been predicting an expansion into the lucrative Australian market -- and that apparently is now a certainty for 2008 -- little did I realize that the production would first be ready to branch out into non-English speaking countries. In fact, the team behind Wicked has now announced plans to expand with new productions in both Japan and Germany.

As previously reported, the former nation has already had a taste of Wicked, thanks to the mini-staging of "Defying Gravity" at Universal Studios Japan. But it will now gets its own full-scale Japanese-language production this June 17 at Tokyo's Dentsu Shiki Theatre.

In Deutschland, look for the German-language Wicked: Die Hexen Von Oz (rough translation: "The Witches of Oz") to land at Stuttgart's Palladium Theatre on November 15.

All of which makes me continue wondering when Universal Studios, the film studio bankrolling this theatrical juggernaut, will finally announce firm plans for a silver screen version. If Wicked succeeds in both Tokyo and Stuttgart, I'm hazarding a guess that the announcement will come by the beginning of next year. Any other guesses?

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