Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Curtains Pulls Advance Buzz

Curtains Pulls Advance Buzz

While the official opening of Curtains is still a week away (August 9), that hasn't stopped the amateur pundits from weighing in on the final musical collaboration between John Kander and the late Fred Ebb. If the blogosphere is any indication, this is going to be a very popular show, even if there are still some preview kinks that must be worked out prior to bowing on Broadway.

Most enthusiastic was Accebonibur who said, "IT IS GREAT!!! It is such a fun show.... All of the actors are wonderful and I have never seen an audience be that enthusiastic (besides at Sweeney). It is soooooo great! If you can see it, do. You will have a great time!!!"

Joyfulbabe was also effusive: "Awesome and humorous show! Two hours and a half went by really fast."

JetSet said, "I saw the long awaited world premiere of Curtains. It was great! I loved David Hyde Pierce; he is phenomenal. I was very much looking forward to seeing him because I heard he was great in live performances, and he does not disappoint! ... The rest of the cast was great too; especially Edward Hibbert. I must also give a round of applause to the choreographer. That was some creative, wonderful, funny and good use of dance, props & space! Bravo!"

FallingFool said, "Tonight I saw the Premiere of "Curtains" the new broadway musical with David Hyde Pierce. It was AWESOME! So much fun."

One of the lone mixed blog reviews I found came from Shanabananablog, who said in part: "I didn’t like the music -- most of it was forgettable. But the acting and the choreography was spectacular!"

Finally, an acquaintance of mine who saw the show on Sunday provided his own praise by noting: "The theatre looked 95%+ full. The show is wonderful. It may not be a masterpiece like Cabaret or Chicago but it's a fun show with songs that range from good to wonderful (including one song about Show People that is sure to become a new standard). Debra Monk's performance is a revelation and is sure to win her a Tony nomination when the show goes to Broadway. While David Hyde Pierce is not a great singer, his singing is adequate and his acting and comic timing are impeccable. Karen Ziemba is also wonderful. Rest of the cast is excellent. Direction and Choreography were, for the most part, spot on. Sets, costumes and production values were top-notch."

With all that advance buzz, I just can't wait to see the show. I'll be in the audience myself this weekend.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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