Thursday, September 02, 2010

7 New Broadway Shows Begin This Month - Which Do You Most Want To See?

7 New Broadway Shows Begin This Month - Which Do You Most Want To See?

This month, Broadway's 2010-11 Theatrical Season begins in earnest as seven new plays and musicals start previews.

They include Mrs. Warren's Profession (September 3), Brief Encounter (September 10), The Pitmen Painters (September 14), A Life In The Theatre (September 21), Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (September 20), La Bête (September 23) and Lombardi (September 23). Which leads me to ask in my latest SOB Poll, "Which of these productions do you most want to see?"

Please take a moment to vote in this poll, and feel free to provide your comments below as to why.
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For the complete list of Broadway shows confirmed for this season, please click here. For shows that have been announced, but not fully confirmed with venues and/or dates, click here.

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At 02 September, 2010, Blogger Linda said...

I voted for The Pitmen Painters because the plot sounds interesting and Lee Hall can clearly write about miners (Billy Elliot) so I'm curious to see how he did with this play. But La Bete is a close second because of the cast. I've already seen Brief Encounter, which I would see again, and Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, which I really wanted to love, but it's overrated.

At 02 September, 2010, Blogger Esther said...

Seems like there's a lot of buzz surrounding Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, maybe because it's an original musical.

But my top three are La Bete (David Hyde Pierce, of course. And I missed Mark Rylance in Boeing Boeing.), Pitmen Painters (Lee Hall) and Brief Encounter (Because the concept sounds so interesting).

At 02 September, 2010, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Linda and Esther, Like you, I'm intrigued by The Pitmen Painters in part because of Lee Hall's experience in writing about miners. Plus it's received great acclaim in London.

Having missed Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson at the Public, I'm looking forward to seeing it on Broadway, but I'm interested to know why you, Linda, think it's overrated?

La Bête, by the way, is my personal top pick, but it would be Brief Encounter had I not already seen it.

At 03 September, 2010, Blogger Linda said...

Steve, I won't say too much until you see Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, but I don't think it's as groundbreaking as people make it out to be. It is pretty silly so then when it tried to get serious, it didn't work for me. I saw the Public Lab production and then the full production and it didn't change, so I think with all the rave reviews, they will keep it pretty much the same, which is a shame because there is potential there. Best things about it are Ben Walker, Ben Walker's tight pants, and the scenic design.


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