Monday, August 23, 2010

Time To Stand Still Again

Time To Stand Still Again

One month from today, the Tony-nominated play Time Stands Still begins performances for its second time this year on Broadway, this time at the Cort Theatre.

As regular readers will recall, I was among those who offered thumbs up to Donald Margulies' superb and gut-wrenching new play during its acclaimed run at the not-for-profit Manhattan Theatre Club's Samuel J. Friedman Theatre. Since MTC's season still had one more play left in its Broadway season for subscribers, Time Stands Still came and went much too quickly.

But the play's indelible mark left by its excellent cast was so profound that one of those rarest of rare announcements would be made about an already closed Broadway show. On May 12, it was announced that the entire production would get a second lease on life through a return engagement at the mid-sized commercial Cort Theatre. (For those curious, the return engagement is not Tony eligible.)

Three of the four original Broadway principals -- Laura Linney, Brian d'Arcy James and Eric Begosian -- are returning to the production. However, since Alicia Silverstone's schedule does not permit, she will be replaced by film actress Christina Ricci, making her Broadway debut.

The Time Stands Still Web site describes the show as follows:
Time Stands Still follows Sarah and James, a photojournalist and a foreign correspondent trying to find happiness in a world that seems to have gone crazy. Theirs is a partnership based on telling the toughest stories and together, making a difference. But when their own story takes a sudden turn, the adventurous couple confronts the prospect of a more conventional life...and everything changes -- in a flash.

Don't miss this rare second chance to see one of the most exceptional American plays in years!
Indeed, if you missed your opportunity to see this show earlier this year, now's a second chance that doesn't occur very often. I highly recommend seeing Time Stands Still. Its first act will leave you speechless.

Time Stands Still resumes performances at the Cort on September 23 with a second opening night slated for October 7. The limited engagement is currently scheduled through January 23, 2011.

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