Friday, July 06, 2007

Thanks, Mel!

Thanks, Mel!

Need another reason to be outraged about the $450 top ticket price for the upcoming Young Frankenstein Broadway show? According to New York Post's Michael Riedel, it is serving as further ammunition for a potential fall strike among stagehands.

Riedel quotes one stagehand, who argues, "All this price-gouging is going on, the producers have never been richer and yet they want us to take cuts....We should suffer so they can get richer?"

Riedel goes on to provide counterpoint (only one in five shows eke out a profit) after counterpoint (producers are bad managers) after counterpoint (theatre would cost less if producers didn't have to pay stagehands so much [really???]) after counterpoint (one in five actually isn't bad compared to other businesses).

Let's just hope that the union, which is currently working without a contract, negotiates a settlement before the Great White Way is forced to go dark.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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