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The Wedding Singer (The SOB Review) - Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York, NY

The Wedding Singer (The SOB Review) - Al Hirschfeld Theatre, New York, NY

*** (out of ****)

News flash! Despite what you may have heard, the standing O is alive and well at Broadway’s Al Hirschfeld Theatre, home to a show with lots of heart, and, er, Hart: Robbie Hart, The Wedding Singer. More than just a guilty pleasure or trip down memory lane, The Wedding Singer provides audiences with a modern love story that unequivocally evokes a decade that’s often more unfairly derided than revered. Yet The Wedding Singer centers its story with more heart and fun than simple winks and nods at the 80s. It stands up as great entertainment, complete with an infectious and clever musical score -- thanks to Chad Beguelin and Matthew Sklar -- that I’m still singing today. Its time-channeled choreography from Rob Ashford would make a Thriller out of a less felonious Michael Jackson.

Stephen Lynch is absolutely charming and endearing as Hart, demonstrating great chops and an impressive voice. Laura Benanti is sweet as the potential Julia Gulia. Sassy Amy Spanger provides a flashy tribute to one of those great 80s movie moments, while Felicia Finley dazzles particularly in her gymnastic bedroom routine that has to be seen to be believed. But I think my favorite moment comes when Kevin Cahoon joins Rita Gardner to “Move That Thang.”

This entire cast had no trouble capturing the hearts of audiences that just wanted to have fun and be entertained. Indeed, they stand and cheer. What more bliss you could ask for? Go see this show now!

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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