Friday, November 19, 2010

Will Fat Pig Become Cash Cow On Broadway?

Will Fat Pig Become Cash Cow On Broadway?

After first premiering to great acclaim at Off-Broadway's MCC Theater in 2003, Neil LaBute's Fat Pig is being fattened up just a little bit more for its 2011 Broadway debut.

The playwright himself prepared to carve it up via his directorial debut on the Great White Way. Comedian Dane Cook and stage and movie actor Josh Hamilton are slated to star, although neither theatre nor dates have been confirmed.

According to David Ng of The Los Angeles Times:
LaBute's plays are famous for their controversial and blunt-force subject matter, as well as their high density of swear words. Fat Pig tells the story of Helen, an obese woman who gets into a romantic relationship with Tom, a slender thirtysomething man. Causing trouble is Tom's obnoxious friend Carter, who antagonizes Helen about her weight. Cook will play Carter while actor Josh Hamilton will take on Tom. The actress playing Helen will be announced at a later date.
While I haven't yet seen a production of Fat Pig, I was a huge fan of LaBute's devastating play The Shape Of Things and I truly admired reasons to be pretty. So count me among the intrigued, including on whether this casting can turn the production into a cash cow.

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At 29 November, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve: are you (=am I) allowed to mention films of Neil LaBute? Because I really adored Neil's mmooovie, "Your Friends and Neighbors" starring the awesome, raised-in-Hialeah FL, Catherine Keener. She and Natasha Kinski were so fantastic, and so were Ben Stiller and Jason Patric.

Anyhoo. I loved "Your Friends and Neighbors" and Neil's "In the Company of Men," with the ultra, ultra cool Aaron Eckhardt.

How 'bout you?




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