Friday, November 26, 2010

Elling Turns To Ending

Elling Turns To Ending

Well, that was quick.

No sooner had Simon Bent's Elling opened on Broadway this past Sunday and its producers have announced it's closing. This Sunday, November 28. After just nine regular performances.

The play fared poorly with many critics, as well as at the box office. Last week, the Doug Hughes-helmed comedy grossed only $145,070. All of which is quite a shame for a show that boasts Denis O'Hare, Jennifer Coolidge, Brendan FraserRichard Easton and Jeremy Shamos

Since I've been on vacation, I haven't even had an opportunity -- yet -- to write my review for the show. But I can tell you that I certainly enjoyed the show, which snuck up on me and left me a wee bit teary eyed at the end -- perhaps a surprise for all the folks who walked out of the production who never knew what they missed.

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