Saturday, April 25, 2009

RIP Bea Arthur (1922-2009)

RIP Bea Arthur (1922-2009)

So sorry to learn of the death of Tony Award-winning actress Beatrice Arthur today. Arthur lost her battle with cancer early this morning.

Long before she forever changed television as a Golden Girl or as the paradigm-shifting Maude, Arthur was a Broadway star. The actress was featured in the original 1964 Broadway production of Fiddler on the Roof. as the memorable Yente. She topped that performance with her 1966 award-winning turn as Vera Charles alongside Angela Lansbury as the eponymous Mame. Vera Charles epitomized Mame Dennis' mantra of "live, live, live." So I have little doubt that I'm not alone in mourning the loss of Ms. Arthur.

What better way to remember her stage talent than to revisit a reprise of "Bosom Buddies" from the great Bea Arthur and legendary Angela Lansbury once more. Rest in peace, Bea Arthur.

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At 26 April, 2009, Anonymous Karen K. said...

So glad you posted this clip Steve. I hadn't realised until I read your piece that Bea Arthur had been Yenta in Fiddler on the Roof. Perfect casting. RIP Bea and thanks for the memories.

At 26 April, 2009, Blogger Dale said...

It was sad to hear of Bea's passing, she gave so much to so many. I feel lucky to have seen her one woman show when she toured a few years back to Toronto. It was warm, funny and a real treat.

At 26 April, 2009, Anonymous dylan said...

Thank you, Steve, for posting this. Made me smile. Bea Arthur was the best. She leaves so many fans behind. Hope you're doing well yourself, Steve. Miss your daily posts!

At 27 April, 2009, Anonymous Nomad said...

Thank goodness for Bea Arthur and the Golden Girls, if not for shows like that and the People's Court, etc. my summer's as a junior higher would have been even more dismally dull


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