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At long last, negotiations between The League of American Theatres and Producers and Local One of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.) have reached a settlement.

Hat tip to my pal Sarah over at Adventures in the Endless Pursuit of Entertainment for sharing a text message she received a half hour ago from a producer friend of hers that said, "THE STRIKE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

The news has been confirmed by NY1 that states:

After 19 days of a walkout that cost the city and the Theater District tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue and earnings and forced dozens of shows to go dark, sources close to the negotiation say an agreement has been reached between the Broadway stagehands and the American League of Theatres and Producers.

There has been no official word yet from either the stagehands union or the League.

The agreement is a tentative agreement. Union members would have ten days to vote on the decision. However, workers will return to work right away under this tentative agreement.
According to the Associated Press:

The agreement ending the 19-day work stoppage was confirmed by Bruce Cohen, a spokesman for the union.
There are bound to be plenty of champagne corks popping among elated theatre fans.

But even if it's over, what will it take to lure you back to a Rialto theatre? I invite you to vote in my latest SOB Poll to tell me whether you won't hesitate going back or if you've sworn off the Great White Way or are somewhere in between.

Personally, I do have tickets that I purchased prior to the onslaught of the strike, but I can't help but harbor some contempt for those who allowed the situation to reach such an ugly point with no regard for the people who keep Broadway in business: the audience.

I'd love to know what you think.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous DeckSound said...

Thanks Steve,
What and interesting End to a real life drama.
Theres no people like show people!

At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous OnGo said...

We Feel we got slamed around in the Press.
Treated Horribily by the League.
We were told not all the proudcers were"involved" but If they didnt speak out..They too are guilty!

When you see a wrong being Done/ a Man steps up,and speaks out.

Thank you SOB

At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got the best news
The Executive Board of Local One has ordered the picket lines to cease. If you receive a call to report to work, please do so.

At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous DeckSound said...

As a stagehand I truly hope you come back to the theatre.
I Hope that the greed shown by the League does not flavor the Art that we try to help bring to you.

We are not rich, lazy, wealthy featherbedders.
We are people like you, we just work nights,weekends,holidays..
Yes we get paid but when we hear the laughter and applause
We know some of it’s for us too.
Now that’s the thanks we need!!

Thanks for letting us vent in your BLOG.
One Smiling Soundman in Black

At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous KathyLongIsland said...

Glad youre back
Hope to get to see JerseyBoys!!

At 29 November, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So much for all the threats

Little guy vs Big Biz

We need a screen writer...
Oh Yea They are still on strike

At 29 November, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

To Decksound and Ongo and KathyLongIsland and all the other terrific individuals who have used this as a people's forum on the strike, you have my ongoing admiration and respect.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, next time I take in a Broadway show (and yes, there will be a next time) as a member of the audience, I'll be applauding every bit as much for those of you we never see as I will for the cast and production itself.

You've taught me a lot about an aspect of the theatre I had never really known much about. I've certainly been wowed by your wizardry, but now I have a newfound appreciation of what it is you do to make live theatre so magical. Thank you for that!

Steve On Broadway (SOB)


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