Thursday, November 29, 2007

All Of Great White Way Gleams Tonight

All Of Great White Way Gleams Tonight

Every show that had shuttered during the 19-day Broadway stagehands strike will reopen for business this evening.

Without missing a beat last evening, the 11-year old production of Chicago announced that it is hoping to lure audiences back tonight with discounted seats offered at just $26.50. If you ask me, all shows should be doing something along those lines and for longer periods of time. Producers need to really roll the red carpet out for the people paying the tickets.

Meanwhile, rescheduled opening nights are in the news:
The Farnsworth Invention will now open on December 3.
August: Osage County's limited, but already extended run opens on December 4.
The Seafarer will open on December 6.
Is He Dead?, which was originally scheduled to open this evening will now open December 9.
The Little Mermaid has now pushed its opening all the way into the New Year to January 10.
The net result is one crazy busy week for critics, especially considering that one of the eight shows that remained opened for business during the strike was Cymbeline, which officially opens this Sunday, December 2 at Lincoln Center.

I'll be providing my reviews of The Farnsworth Invention and Cymbeline over the next week as well.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 29 November, 2007, Blogger E said...

God, I wish I was in NYC right now!

There's the big "welcome back to Broadway" concert at the Marquis tomorrow...

...and I'm sure that the performances will have a certain something special for a little while.

If only that stupid "work thing" wouldn't get in the way... : )


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