Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nederlanders: On Their Own Again?

Nederlands: On Their Own Again?

According to Playbill, the Nederlander Organization is once again breaking with The League of American Theatres and Producers in their labor dispute with the stagehands union, Local One of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (I.A.T.S.E.). Local One made the announcement.

As noted previously, the Nederlander Organization broke with the League in the 1999 and 2005 negotiations with the stagehands. Now, they are on record saying that they will not begin imposing "portions" of the final contract the League offered the stagehands, but which the union rejected. The imposition of those terms is scheduled to occur on Monday, one day after the scheduled vote on strike authorization.

Nevertheless, the League maintains that the Nederlanders still support the League's objectives.

Also, add the Helen Hayes Theatre to the list I previously offered. According to the Playbill story, the theatre that houses Xanadu would not be impacted by a lockout or strike.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, the League maintains that the Nederlanders still support the League's objectives.

The League,LOL
If they supported it'
Jimmy Nederlander Would Stand Whith Them.

Bagdad Bob League Press Agent,

At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous take it NOMORE said...

The Nederlander Organization At least recognizes that the stagehands are an important part of the machine.


At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous worker bee said...

Not to beat the drum too loudly here - lest the League of American Theaters and Producers starts accusing me of being a stagehand-loving commie - but one thing is clear: Broadway has turned its back on the working and middle classes. If you're not rich, if you don't have a loft in SoHo or a three-bedroom on the Upper West Side or a house in Westport, get lost, we don't need you, you can't afford us. If you really want to take the family to a show, check out the Ice Capades.

new york post Micheal Ridel
Cost of class Struggle

At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why Do the people making Millions
Think the people making Thousands
make too much?

They threaten to "LOCK OUT" Workers
but If THE "UNION" threatens to Strike they are Bad guys

At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous Syd said...

archaic work rules that jeopardize the industry's health

I guess a Billion Dollars is an Unhealthy Industry.

Does the theatre going public know that an assessment on every ticket purchased was used to create that 20$million dollar Strike breaking fund.

20 million would pay all the Stagehands For about 4 or 5 years

At 19 October, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

What do you think of Michael Riedel's column today where he provides "an anecdote making the rounds of the stagehand circuit"?

He shares:

Mel Brooks was on his way to lunch at Angus McIndoe on West 44th Street the other day when he spotted a bunch of stagehands hanging around the St. James Theatre, where "The Grinch" opens next month.

They didn't look very busy. So Mel ran over to them and said: "Michael Riedel and all those other reporters hang out at Angus McIndoe, and if they see you sitting around doing nothing, your goose is cooked!"

An hour later, Mel left the restaurant. The stagehands still weren't doing anything. Only now they weren't doing it while sitting in a truck.

Folks, I've been pretty sympathetic to the union through this, but as I've walked through Broadways many streets over the last several weeks, I've been surprised to see much of the same. What gives?

At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mel Takes pleasure in all forms of Funn-ery.
Gay Slurs
Catholic and or black Jokes.
He was probly at Joe Allen's or Orso's or Angus McIndoe
spending some of that $450 dollar ticket money
I guess If he was having dinner
It was Dinner break ?
To Quote Mel
even the Chineese break for rice

At 19 October, 2007, Anonymous cynical said...

I thought after the League imposed rules.
The Crew wasn't allowed to Eat.

At 19 October, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Of course, Mel gets to laugh all the way to the bank, given how his show isn't impacted by all this talk of lockouts and strikes.


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