Monday, May 21, 2007

Tony Box Office Bumps

Tony Box Office Bumps

With the exception of only four productions, every show on Broadway saw an increase (or held steady with SRO pacing) in box office totals last week.

The biggest gains were reserved for the two top Tony nominated musicals, Spring Awakening and Grey Gardens, that saw capacity increases of 21.2% and 15.1%, respectively.

No surprise that the week's biggest loser was The Pirate Queen, which saw a drop in capacity of 9.2%. That tuner was completely snubbed by the Tony nominating committee last week. Its average ticket price is now under $65.

Despite its nod for Best Musical, Curtains experienced a slight decline of 0.8%. Two other musicals that had been considered potential nominees for Tony's top prize were the other two shows with a drop in capacity: LoveMusik (-5.7%) and Legally Blonde (-3.9%). The first may have had more to do with uncertainties over Donna Murphy's well-publicized absences, which are further threatening her reputation.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 22 May, 2007, Anonymous Esther said...

With summer coming, and more tourists, I'm hoping Curtains will get a bump back up! It's really a great show for all ages, and a terrific introduction to Broadway musicals. Plus, the cast is so incredible and they're such nice people to boot!

I definitely want to see Grey Gardens and Spring Awakening, though. I'm hoping Christine Ebersole isn't on vacation the same time I am. I just can't imagine seeing Grey Gardens without her.

At 22 May, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Esther, Take heart that Curtains' dip was very minor. I think that the positive word-of-mouth will keep it around for quite a while.

And please do all you can to see Grey Gardens with Christine Ebersole. It's a performance for the ages.


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