Sunday, February 04, 2007

Steppenwolf's Betrayal Opens Today

Steppenwolf's Betrayal Opens Today

Thanks to the Chicago Bears' Super Bowl berth (Go Bears!), Steppenwolf has accelerated its opening of Harold Pinter's semi-autobiographical play Betrayal to this afternoon. Previously, it had been scheduled for this evening, but wiser heads prevailed, foreseeing that the city's focus would largely be on Miami tonight.

Although this marks the first time in fifteen years that Pinter has seen one of his plays staged at Steppenwolf, the company has a long history of producing his works over its own 31 years. The timing seems appropriate given that the celebrated English playwright was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature just two years ago.

This time, with ensemble member Rick Snyder at the helm, Betrayal features two of my favorite Steppenwolf ensemble members -- Tracy Letts and Amy Morton -- along with one of the company's latest additions, Ian Barford. Other castmembers include Guy Barile, Shane Kenyon, Nettie Kraft, Pamela R. Maurer and Ben Snyder.

Look for my critics' capsule, as well as my own review of this production, in the days ahead.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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