Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Corporate Sponsorship Addictions

Corporate Sponsorship Addictions

From the "What were they thinking?" file comes word that the Actor's Fund benefit performance of Addictions scheduled for Los Angeles last evening was abruptly canceled.

Seems playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith happened upon a flier for the fundraiser that listed Smirnoff among the corporate sponsors for the evening. No matter that the advance billing clearly stated that "Addictions will benefit the Chemical Dependency Program of The Actors' Fund and is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Walsh."

After just watching the engagingly ironic film "Thank You For Smoking," I find the brazenly calculated sponsorship by Smirnoff akin to a major cigarette company sponsoring an affair aimed at quitting smoking. I'm not opposed to corporate sponsorships per se, but wouldn't it behoove an organization like the Actor's Fund to ensure its sponsors are appropriate for the cause?

Cheers to Walsh-Smith for having the courage of her convictions to just say "NO!" And here's hoping that the Actor's Fund can find more suitable sponsors in the future.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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