Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Going Battye For Steppenwolf

Going Battye For Steppenwolf

Alas, my time in Australia came to a close earlier today as I boarded a return flight to Seoul to make my way back home to the United States. It was indeed a roundabout way of getting to and from Down Under.

Certainly, my blog would suggest that I was consumed by theatre on this trip, but in reality, it constituted just a small portion of my journey that took me to Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, as well as far flung places like the Clare Valley (wine country in South Australia), Kangaroo Island, the Yarra Valley (Victoria's wine country) and a trip down the Swan River in Western Australia.

Best of all was the opportunity to see family and friends. One such friend is a brilliant guy named Paul Battye, with whom I had several chances to catch up while in Sydney. Paul and I met nearly six years ago, and fortunately for me, our friendship has continued to flourish, and my time in Sydney allowed us to pick up right where we last left off. In addition to seeing each other (as well as our significant others) in Australia, we've met up in places like New York and Chicago.

It was in Chicago back in 2002 that Paul and another friend introduced me to the city's Steppenwolf Theatre. We took in a memorable production of Purple Heart, and I was so riveted by the performances that I made it a point to become more active with this exciting theatre company when I lived there -- I continue to be active in the theatre company's Director's Circle, even though my move from Chicago made me relinquish my role as a member of its Board of Governors.

Thankfully, this last trip to Australia made for an incredible opportunity for me to thank Paul for providing me with my first Steppenwolf experience. It's proven to be the gift that keeps on giving (and you'll see many more reviews in the coming months of its upcoming line-up).

Thanks Paul, for adding so much to our journey Down Under. And just as I've toasted your favorite, Patti LuPone, in my last posting, here's toasting you, Paul. Happy New Year! And here's hoping our next meeting is in the near future!

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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