Saturday, July 15, 2006

Great Gatsby! Guthrie's Main Stage Makes Debut Tonight

Great Gatsby! Guthrie's Main Stage Makes Debut Tonight

Tonight, the Wurtele Thrust Stage at Minneapolis' heralded new Guthrie Theatre will see its first regular performance as the world premiere of Simon Levy's new adaptation of F. Scott Fitgerald's The Great Gatsby begins previews. It's fitting that a vaulted work by a favorite son of neighboring St. Paul would figure into Guthrie's debut season at its new facility. The production will open on July 21 and run through September 10.

Helmed by David Esbjornson, The Great Gatsby will feature Lorenzo Pisoni in the title role, along with Heidi Ambruster, Matthew Amendt, Christina Baldwin, Raye Birk, Cheyenne Casebier, Bob Davis, Kate Eifrig, Erik Heger and Mark Rhein. The one standout performer I'm looking forward to seeing is Kate Eifring, an Indiana native who has been percolating under the surface of the Twin Cities theatrical scene for several years -- I had an opportunity to see her shine as Isobel in An Experiment With An Air Pump at St. Paul's Park Square Theater in 2003, and she blew me away. The Great Gatsby marks Eifrig's Guthrie debut.

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At 22 July, 2006, Blogger StephenMosher said...

This, simultaneously, thrills and devastates me. GATSBY is one of my five favourite books. A few years ago, while in England, I caught the Mira Sorvino version on tv. I thought it was awful, as was every version that preceded it. I told Pat why there had never been a good visual version of GATSBY and how there could be. He told me to write it. I had forty pages of a stage play written when my agent told me to stop, that the Fitzgerald estate would never release the rights, would never approve it because every visual version had been so bad, including the three hour plus opera recently produced in New York. I stopped work on what I felt was a good project.

Now that I read this, I am tempted to go to see it, though I cannot afford it, to find out if it is good.

I am also tempted to tell my agent (who is a close friend) that I never want to speak to him again.

I will go cry in my pillow now.

At 23 July, 2006, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

I'll be taking in this Gatsby and will report on it in the next couple of weeks.


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