Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New York Post: More High Voltage Power in Broadway's Future?

New York Post: More High Voltage Power in Broadway's Future?

What's better than an Academy Award? It appears that for so many Hollywood actors and actresses, the answer appears to be that each one wants nothing more than to be taken seriously as a true thespian or true artiste. In today's New York Post, Michael Riedel reports on how more than one critically-acclaimed Oscar winner or contender is hoping for some additional (or in the case of at least one, much-needed) cachet that might only be found on the alluring Broadway stage.

Whether it's Tom Hanks, Robin Williams, Robert Redford (who last appeared in the original cast of Barefoot In The Park in 1963), Matt Damon (who has enjoyed West End success in Keith Lonergan's This Is Our Youth back in 2002), Nicole Kidman (who's already had one celebrated Broadway performance in The Blue Room in 1999), or -- gasp! -- her ex Tom Cruise, who's in desperate need of career rehabilitation and respect, it's likely that the mixed reviews received by colleague Julia Roberts (although not from me) will not stand in their Great White Way.

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