Saturday, June 09, 2007

Riedel's Tony Predictions

Riedel's Tony Predictions

One of the joys of traveling abroad, as I have during the last several days, is trying to catch up on all I've missed.

I just had an opportunity to review New York Post theatre columnist Michael Riedel's Tony predictions from Thursday. In addition to noting how most Tony voters cast their ballots without having seen every single show (something I hit at when providing my wannabe votes earlier this week), Riedel offerd predictions that closely matched my final tally of which shows would win (as opposed to shows that I would prefer to win).

The only category where I have a major disagreement with him on who will win is in the Best Actress in a Play category. In perhaps the most competitive of all acting categories this year, I believe that Eve Best will live up to her name and score the big honor. I'm not saying this just because I loved the revival, but because I believe in the end, Tony voters will feel compelled to recognize A Moon For The Misbegotten and its outstanding cast via Best.

Who do you think will win each of the major acting awards Sunday evening? If you haven't already had a chance to vote, I invite you to scroll down the right-hand side of Steve On Broadway to vote in each of the four SOB Polls and then feel free to weigh-in on why you believe your selections will win.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB) still in China.

Click here for Tony Awards tickets, which are still available as of this writing.

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