Monday, May 08, 2006

All Is Not Well On Broadway

All Is Not Well On Broadway

An outpouring of critical raves was not enough to keep Lisa Kron's Well alive on Broadway, now scheduled to close on May 14 -- two days before the Tony nominations are announced.

This is perhaps the one play of the year I truly regret not having had an opportunity to see, not only for its innovative approach to story-telling, but also for the pure delight of seeing Jayne Houdyshell perform. Less than a year ago, I took in Steppenwolf's production of The Pain And The Itch in Chicago and found Houdyshell to be the most compelling cast member in an amazing ensemble. Let's just hope that despite Well's closing, the Tony committee will see fit to provide this show the respect it's earned. Or in the very least, nominate Houdyshell.

Click here for tickets.

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