Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Agosto Em Osage

Agosto Em Osage

Can't wait for the North American tour of August: Osage County to get your fix of Tracy Letts' landmark play?

Well, you actually have a couple options, albeit expensive ones.

First, you get on a play bound for Melbourne, Australia, where the Westons and Aikens continue to hold court at the Melbourne Theatre Company through July 4.

In addition to those who already told me that they so the production by the time I posted my story on the opening, several additional Aussie friends have taken my recommendation to see the production and all have raved. They've said:

AWESOME advice...

We saw it last night and were both BLOWN AWAY! Thanks for the tip - Robyn Neven as Violet was MESMERISING!!!
Hey Steve.. Just LOVED August: Osage County. It was so electric. Just loved the pace and performances. Especially the Violet role played by our Dame of theatre Robyn Nevin. Have you ever heard of her - she is amazing.

It really was astounding - if I could see plays like that every time I went to the theatre - I would feel as if I was in Heaven!

OMG - cannot wait to see that play again... Amazing...


I saw August Osage County in Melbourne last night and I loved it. Easily the greatest night at the theatre I've had this year - if not, for years. It's superb. Robyn Nevin's performance as Violet is transformative and magnetic to watch.
If Australia is too far (these days, it's not nearly as expensive as it had been) and you can speak Portugese, you might consider visiting Lisbon. That's right. There is a production playing right now at the Portugese capital's Teatro Nacional D. Maria II!

Imagine my delight this morning in receiving an e-mail from one of my friends who landed in Lisbon (Lisboa) yesterday. He wrote:
It seems to me that August: Osage County is playing here in Lisbon - we took a picture of the poster for you

West Side Story is here as well - perhaps they will hire Swedes to play the Jets!
The production began June 25 and runs through August 2. The Teatro Nacional's Web site includes the following description of the play (you've got to love this very rough translation from Portugese, a language I do not speak):
All the happy families are identical and all the unfortunate families the Saints to her way. When, in a night, in the rural environment of Oklahoma, the alcoholic patriarch disappears mysterious, the big clan of the Weston unites immediately for consolation of the mother and for will hurry the motive of the disappearance of the father. Seeing forced it confront hidden truths and surprising secrets, the family ends up be involved in an argument with the matriarch Violet, an addicted woman in pharmaceuticals and unstable psychological state, that is found in the environment of this stormy family.
Oh to be able to see how this show translates, quite literally.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 30 June, 2009, Anonymous bikebali said...

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At 01 July, 2009, Anonymous Michael H said...

Nice to know other Aussies are enjoying that fantastic play


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