Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dreaming Of A (Great) White (Way Opening For) Christmas

Dreaming Of A (Great) White (Way Opening For) Christmas

After knocking around the country over the past four holiday seasons, Irving Berlin's White Christmas opens on the aptly named Great White Way at the Marquis Theatre.

Directed by Walter Bobbie and brilliantly choreographed by Randy Skinner, this recreation of the classic 1954 film has as its star the legendary score by Irving Berlin. (Never mind that the actual tune, "White Christmas" -- the all-time, best-selling single through 1997 -- was originally heard in the earlier, similarly themed Bing Crosby flick "Holiday Inn" from 1942.)

The production features Stephen Bogardus as Bob Wallace and Jeffry Denman as Phil Davis, along with Kerry O'Malley and Meredith Patterson as sisters Betty and Judy Haynes, and the adorably precocious Melody Hollis as Susan Waverly. When I saw the touring production two years ago in St. Paul, all but Patterson were in the cast.

And speaking of my experience, I can't help but wonder if critics will be dreaming of the same red marks I lodged at the time. Find out tomorrow as I provide my critics' capsule.

The limited run of Irving Berlin's White Christmas is scheduled through January 4, 2009.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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