Thursday, October 09, 2008

Down, But Not Out

Down, But Not Out

While today's dive on Wall Street had me feeling a bit down, I'm far from out.

Angry, is perhaps the better word.

As someone who has never bit off more than he could chew, as someone who has always paid my mortgage payments and all other debts on time, as someone who has always dutifully paid my taxes and as someone who has cheerfully given to countless charitable causes, I'm angry at the lack of personal responsibility both on Main Street and on Wall Street, and I'm frustrated by all the fingerpointing in Washington DC.

Other than that, I'm hoping that we've bottomed out.

If not, in this age of right-sizing, we can only hope that Broadway ticket prices will come back down to affordable levels. Otherwise, the Great White Way risks going dark for a considerable time.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 09 October, 2008, Blogger Esther said...

Yeah, I definitely agree with you about the lack of personal responsibility. While I don't have a mortgage, I've never, ever carried a balance on a credit card and I pay all of my bills on time. (The credit card companies don't make any money off of me!) I'm also that rare breed of American - a saver!

Now, I understand that there may be some unavoidable reasons for getting in over your head - medical bills, for example. But that should be the exception. if I can't afford something, I simply don't buy it. I don't understand why people buy things they can't afford, put them on a credit card and then pay double-digit interest.

All of this means that when I do get to New York, I can afford to stay in a nice place, eat some good food and see what I want to see without worrying that I'm breaking the bank. Still, it would be nice if ticket prices came down, and I will be looking a little harder for discounts than I have in the past.


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