Friday, October 27, 2006

Mary Poppins, Grey Gardens Tops Among SOB Readers

Mary Poppins, Grey Gardens Tops Among SOB Readers

For nearly two weeks, I've invited you and other Steve On Broadway (SOB) readers to tell me which new Broadway musical you're most enthusiastic about seeing. A plurality of you (44%) indicated that Mary Poppins was your first choice, while another 26% said Grey Gardens.

Over the course of this past week, the former has been in the news -- and not necessarily the kind that Disney et al would prefer. Seems the intricate set design malfunctioned on Wednesday, ultimately causing the cancellation of the evening's performance. Nonetheless, the show appears to be capturing the imagination of so many eager to finally see the world's favorite nanny land on Broadway. (Mary Poppins was the ninth overall top-grossing show for the week ending October 22.) Expect the tuner to get a further boost when the Disney-owned ABC television network features it on this evening's "20/20" broadcast.

Grey Gardens continues to receive great advance buzz and excellent word-of-mouth. It will also be featured on an ABC broadcast, albeit on the daytime talkfest known as "The View." Christine Ebersole is scheduled to be interviewed and perform "Another Winter in a Summer Town" this Monday, October 30. Check your local listings.

Perhaps the biggest surprise on the poll comes from the groundswell of popularity for Spring Awakening. Just over one in ten of you (12%) say that you're most excited by Duncan Sheik's first foray onto the Great White Way. Maybe I really shouldn't be surprised since -- like Grey Gardens -- it enjoyed an earlier celebrated Off-Broadway incarnation.

Personally, the three top shows in the poll coincide with those I most want to see (although I'll also be taking in the Chicago tryout of The Pirate Queen in the days ahead), so I'm delighted to know that my choices mirror yours. Of course, regardless of which one you chose, I invite you to let me know what it is about the show that makes you so enthusiastic by leaving your comments below.

Thanks again for participating in the first-ever Steve On Broadway (SOB) poll -- I invite you to continue to vote in the other polls on the right-hand side of the site, as well as in all new polls each week.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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