Thursday, May 25, 2006

DeLillo's Love-Lies-Bleeding Transfers to Kennedy Center

DeLillo's Love-Lies-Bleeding Transfers to Kennedy Center

East Coast audiences will soon have the opportunity to see the thoughtful, nuanced Love-Lies-Bleeding by Don DeLillo (pictured), June 17-25 at the Kennedy Center's Terrace Theatre. This production is transferring directly from Chicago's Steppenwolf Theatre, home of the play's world premiere earlier this month. Jointly produced by Steppenwolf and the Kennedy Center Fund for New American Plays, Love-Lies-Bleeding examines family members' ethics, love and pain surrounding the moral question of whether to end a stroke victim's life.

As I noted in my May 8 review, "Whatever your moral convictions, DeLillo expertly weaves together both sides of the heartbreaking debate on when or if it’s ever appropriate to end another living being’s life. To be frank, I walked into this production fully anticipating that the Amy Morton-directed study in human emotions would be completely lopsided. Rather than being preachy, it provides a thoughtful analysis of what’s truly at stake on all sides."

With the transfer of the outstanding original Chicago cast -- including Steppenwolf's artistic director Martha Lavey and screen actor John Heard -- Washington audiences (and politicians), some of whom no doubt personally stepped into last year's Terry Schiavo debate, will surely find this production every bit as compelling.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

Click here for Love-Lies-Bleeding tickets at Steppenwolf (show closes May 28).
Click here for Love-Lies-Bleeding tickets at the Kennedy Center (June 17-25).
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