Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Critics Sink Their Fangs Into Lestat

Critics Sink Their Fangs Into Lestat

With reports of scenes being changed right up through last weekend, perhaps it's not suprising that Broadway's Lestat provided theatre critics with an easy target for their sharpened fangs. The third, yet perhaps most anticipated, of the vampire musicals to descend on the Great White Way in the last three or so years, Lestat has received middling to poor reviews in the initial check of leading critics at such outlets as The New York Times (Ben Brantley), New York's Daily News (Howard Kissel), New York Post (Clive Barnes) and USA Today (Elysa Gardner).

Brantley suggested that Lestat might make a great alternative to Ambien; Kissel pummels everything as being "flat"; Barnes' headline ("Bloody Awful") sums up his half-star rating; and while Gardner gave the show a mediocre two-and-a-half stars, she still likened the show to syrup.

Of course, with the legions of Anne Rice fans out there, it remains to be seen whether this show will have the last laugh and live forever, or suffer the fate of vampires with a stake driven through its heart. And personally, I'm waiting to see what Rice herself has to say, especially since she was not pleased with the casting of Tom Cruise in the movie adaptation.

Hopefully, the Broadway version of Billy Elliot - The Musical -- which even the jaded Brantley seemed to enjoy -- will demonstrate just how appreciative the theatre community can be toward Sir Elton John's musical genius. I'll write more about how truly exhilarating this London production was in future postings.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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