Monday, November 09, 2009

Joan Rivers (The SOB Review)

Joan Rivers (The SOB Review) - Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

*** (out of ****)

Joan Rivers. Can she talk?

Oh, puhleeze! If you mean can Joan Rivers dish a blue streak with the best of them, then absolutely.

Although she's just a few months shy of the same age as my very own mother (who incidentally, Joan, if you are reading, she is not the "B" in the SOB on this site), they may as well have been born in different generations given the tireless entertainer's incredibly filthy, obscene and hilarious mouth.

In her performance at Minneapolis' Pantage Theatre last Wednesday evening, Joan Rivers delivered perhaps the single most politically incorrect comedy piece I've ever witnessed. And I loved practically every minute of it.

With Rivers, there are no sacred cows, largely because she's slaying and skewering virtually every one imagineable and even things you hold dear right before your eyes. As she boldly grabs the cajones of countless celebrities, no one is safe from her expert carving. Not Michael Jackson. Not Tom Cruise. Not Whitney Houston. Not anyone, although just to hedge her bets a smidge, she often quickly adds that the star she's just mercilessly ridiculed is a good or close friend.

As an equal opportunity offender, Rivers is also quick to turn her own personal foibles and tragedies into comic fodder, whether joking about her humiliating failure as a light night talk host or even the truly devastating death of her beloved husband Edgar.

Thankfully, with all the sacred cows slaughtered so masterfully by this comedic icon, there's no bull s*** for the audience to wade through, only genuine laughs.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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