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Which Shows Will Be Tony-Nominated For Best Play?

Which Shows Will Be Tony-Nominated For Best Play?

This evening's opening night for Radio Golf -- the last play from the canon of August Wilson -- marks all but the final chapter for the 2006-07 Theatrical Season. It's the last new play of the season to open (the revival of 110 In The Shade opens Wednesday), and it's doing so on the eve of the May 9 cut-off date for eligibility in the upcoming Tony Awards.

Next week Tuesday, May 15, this year's Tony nominations will be formally announced; the actual Tony Awards ceremony will be presented on Sunday, June 10.

Just as I've invited you to vote in my SOB Poll to name the four tuners you thought would be nominated for Best Musical, I'd like to invite you now to vote for the four plays you believe will get the nod from the American Theatre Wing. You'll find the poll along the right-hand margin of Steve On Broadway (SOB).

Your choices include (in alphabetical order):

The Tony committee previously determined that The Coast Of Utopia would be considered as a singular work for the purposes of nominations. You may have noted that I have not included Talk Radio among the selections -- I'm anticipating that given previous practices, it will be deemed a revival.

Thanks to everyone who took a moment to vote in the last SOB Poll on the four musicals you think will receive Tony nominations for Best Musical. There's little surprise that Spring Awakening and Grey Gardens were tops with 84.9% and 81.1% of you, respectively, voting for these picks. Curtains came in a respectable, solid third with 69.8% of you saying you thought it would be nominated.

But the fourth Tony slot appears to be far less certain as Mary Poppins received 41.5% of your votes -- still ahead of both Legally Blonde (30.2%) and LoveMusik (28.3%) -- which is by no means a lock. Any of these three could conceivably receive that fourth Tony berth.

Way back in the pack were The Pirate Queen (7.5%) and Martin Short: Fame Becomes Me (3.8%), but it's doubtful either of them could really be in contention. Considering their quick shutters, there's no surprise that High Fidelity and The Times They Are A-Changin' failed to register with any of you.

Finally, as always, I invite you to share your comments on why you've selected the shows you have and share any insights you may have into the minds of the Tony nominators!

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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At 10 May, 2007, Blogger Steve On Broadway (SOB) said...

Post Script: Shame on me for neglecting to include Dr. Seuss' How The Grinch Stole Christmas among my Best Musical selections. Having been one of the season's better reviewed shows, it certainly stands to reason that it very welll could be Tony nominated.


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