Thursday, October 19, 2006

Which New Broadway Musical Revival Are You Most Enthusiastic About Seeing?

Which New Broadway Musical Revival Are You Most Enthusiastic About Seeing?

Last Sunday, readers of Steve On Broadway (SOB) were invited to participate in the new poll feature, which is on the right hand column. It enables you to provide a snapshot opinion on all things theatre with the click of your mouse (please note that the poll's mechanism only enables you to vote once, meaning that if you try voting repeatedly, only your final vote will be tallied).

While the first poll question remains active, I've added a second one at the top that asks: "Which new Broadway musical revival are you most enthusiastic about seeing?" Options are provided for each of the confirmed Broadway revivals scheduled for this season including: A Chorus Line, Company, Les Misérables, 110 In The Shade and The Apple Tree.

There's still time to cast your vote for the new Broadway musical your most enthusiastic about seeing -- you'll find that initial poll question right below the first. Your choices include: Grey Gardens, High Fidelity, Legally Blonde, Mary Poppins, The Pirate Queen and The Times They Are A-Changin'.

Also, feel free to share your opinion on why you're voting the way you are, along with any other comments you'd like to make. As always, whether you think my opinion mirrors yours or is just plain wrong, I promise to post each comment that seeks to engage in a thoughtful discussion on theatre.

This is Steve On Broadway (SOB).

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